And so I begin (or is it continue?), on my crooked path

Change is exciting!

As I make a huge leap from the public sector to self employment I’ve been reflecting on my last 17 years in WA Health.

I have been lucky to have many opportunities to work on projects that make a real difference in people’s lives and have an employer that was supportive of flexible work arrangements while I had young children. I’m still passionate about making change in ways that really matter and that will be my focus over the next 12 months.

One of the earliest pieces of advice I received still holds true and is particularly pertinent in the Change space. That advice was to agree on where you were going/what you were trying to achieve with the people you needed to negotiate with, then be prepared for the crooked path, for the path to significant change is rarely a straight line.


3 thoughts on “And so I begin (or is it continue?), on my crooked path

  1. How exciting! I am looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds.
    I’m sure a crooked path will prove to be exciting, challenging and fulfilling with time to stop and smell the wild flowers you find!


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