The best laid schemes of mice and men gang aft agley – Part 1: Harnessing the passion

How often have you seen a passionate leader and champion of change fail to get traction, get sidetracked and then throw their hands up in the air?

As change leaders/facilitators we are often brought in when the change is in crisis or there is a risk that the change will fail completely, and just sometimes, this is caused by the runaway train level of passion from the leader – think Jamie Oliver School Dinners! *

Sometimes the most passionate person is not the best choice to lead the change even though they think they are. Why? Because in their passion and rush to implement, often transformational change, they fail to see the impact on others. That passion needs to be harnessed though! So how?

Working with the leader of the organisation or the sponsor of the change is critical to understand why it is so important, this will form the basis of the compelling story that will move people to action. Document it, if the sponsor is visibly passionate then get it on a podcast or video! Here are some questions I have found useful for the change sponsor and that will help sell the message:

  • Why is the status quo unacceptable? When did it become unacceptable?
  • What is the evidence that we can show?
  • How is this new? Different? Important?
  • How can we maintain the urgency with executive and staff?
  • What are the opportunities and risks?

So how can we share that passion? Really fleshing out all the drivers for the change is vital. The questions above will to build that message to inspire others. Next week we’ll talk about what comes next!

Have you got a change you are passionate about delivering? Would you like to work with me to deliver it?

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*Jamie Oliver was so passionate about introducing healthy food in to schools that he didn’t consult with staff, students or parents because he assumed they’d be as passionate as he was. In the series you see parents handing takeaway food through the school fence so their kids weren’t forced to eat healthy food.


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