The best laid plans…Part 2 – Who is in the lead?

As the Change consultant, particularly if you’ve been brought in once the project is underway and things are going off track, where do you start? This series of posts is based on the knowledge and experience I’ve had while working in the change space. I’d love you to share your experiences, what you’ve noticed and what works for you.

In my previous post Part 1: Harnessing the passion I talked about the importance of capturing the passion that has led to this change but also being wary of the passionate leader that may not see the impact on others. Now assuming you’ve covered everything in the previous post and you have the message clear and the personality and passion of the leader isn’t the issue, what else might be happening to make the change project falter?

Often the issue is what is often referred to as the guiding team. The composition of this team is vital. Do they have power, expertise and credibility to lead? Is there a high level of trust? Questions I ask include:

  • Is there a dominant personality on the team that stops others from voicing concerns or different opinions?
  • Do the guiding team feel they GET to be involved or HAVE to be involved?
  • Is the guiding team committed in action and words?
  • Do they have strong networks?
  • Is there a team that you’ve missed that needs to be represented on the guiding team?
  • Does the team have a shared documented objective? This is not the same as the change objective.

A strong guiding team includes a diversity of skills, functions, departments and levels of authority to assemble a powerful speedy force for change. Front-line workers must be involved in the guiding team as do people who can bridge disconnected groups.

Next week, we’ll look at how the importance of  scoping and objectives can sometimes be overlooked and how to assess whether this is the issue causing the project to stall.

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