The best laid schemes … Part 3 – Get up high!

This is the third installment in a series that is focused on your role as a change manager when you are brought in late on a change project and it’s not going well. I welcome your feedback.

In my previous post Who is in the lead?   I shared what I think is important in the composition of the guiding team, the next big question for me is – How will the future be different and how will we get there?

The articulation of the vision and goals of the change is a vital step. But sometimes the guiding team overlook a few things that can cause the project to lose its way. Get up high! Look at the overall picture, what can’t be seen from the dancefloor but can be seen on the balcony?20170429_153456

So if you are the change consultant and are trying to see if this is an issue some questions to ask the guiding team are:

  • Can you describe what is changing and why in 1 minute? A lot happens in those unofficial communication opportunities.
  • Do the objectives exist? You’d think this was an obvious one but sometimes they haven’t been finalised. Are they meaningful? Are they measurable? Are they agreed?
  • Is there competition between priorities in the company?
  • Is there a budget problem that might be causing decisions to be made more slowly?

It’s incumbent on the change manager to ensure that this change is the right one to address the problem. Change managers are in a great position to provide this unbiased advice, they have a balcony view of the project and how it interacts with the rest of the company.




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