Taking my own medicine (Breaking Bad Habits)


In my previous post I discussed how to break bad habits and create new ones – Happy New Year

Bad habits often form because you are trying to avoid something, I’m not a morning person so many of my habits in the morning are terrible! It is taking longer and longer for me to get going in the morning especially now that I am working for myself and don’t have to be at the office by a particular time.

So combining what we know about habits from neuroscience and psychology research (previous post) and that the only person who can fix this is me….

It’s time to break some of those habits!

The habit I’ve chosen to focus on first is this – I wake up, pick up my phone and start scrolling….half an hour (sometimes more) later I’m still there. Was there anything earth shatteringly important that I found out about? Generally not.

I do enjoy it though so this is what I’m doing and this is Day 1. I am only allowed to pick up my phone when I have my sneakers on and ready to go for a walk. Then I can walk and scroll, I’m not a runner so this works.

This picks up tips 1 to 3. Only choosing 1 habit, piggy backing on to an existing routine and introducing a behaviour that is supporting what I want to do. I want to improve my fitness and I know I feel better when I exercise. I want to be more productive in the morning.

Tip 5 was tell people what you want to do – social pressure. Well here I am!

What I noticed Day 1

Any excuse will do – almost didn’t happen because I couldn’t find my sunglasses. So to support this new habit I’m going to have to get the essentials organised the night before.

It wasn’t as easy as reading in bed, surprise surprise, but I did see enough and wasn’t aimlessly scrolling. When I figure out how to get Audible working on my new Galaxy S8 then I might listen to one of the books on my list, which would help with another thing I want to do more.

I feel better making a start and have already achieved more!


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