So how am I doing? (Breaking bad habits cont)

I’m two weeks into breaking my bad habit of spending too much time scrolling on my phone first thing in the morning Taking my own medicine

Part of the habit change was social pressure, and knowing at some point I’d need to report back.

So out of the 2 weeks, I’ve only done it twice, once on my birthday (who doesn’t want to read those birthday messages) and once just yesterday when I was so tired I just weakened.

What was easy?

Surprisingly not reaching for my phone was relatively easy, but interestingly it made me sleep more! Ha! Not having that temptation to just grab my phone.

It has made mornings easier and walking with my phone has meant that I spend less time reading all the notifications.

I have turned off all my notifications on facebook and so have to actually go and look, that has helped enormously!

What is harder?

Well I’ve broken the habit of picking up my phone but I’ve been less successful in going for a walk in the morning. I want to bank that time saved instead of spending it by going for a walk, even though I do enjoy it. So I have probably walked 50% of the time, that is still more that I did before, but room for improvement.

What now?

One step at a time is definitely my message – the first step was deciding where to start. The second was committing to it.


Perhaps now that the habit is broken I’m getting better sleep in that last half an hour before I wake up and I don’t feel like I’ve wasted a morning, I don’t need to link it to the exercise, although the mornings I don’t have to race out of the house the exercise is a good alternative.

Will definitely keep my notifications turned off, that helped not only in the morning but also during the day, the ever blinking light to tell me that someone is having lunch! That has meant much more productivity as I do get into that flow of work without getting distracted.

Now I’m contemplating my next habit change, I’ll keep you posted!



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